Dear NomaNotes fans,

Before we get into the funny notes. I wanted to congratulate and welcome you not only to my blog, but to my very first blog post!

This is quite historic.If your reading this, please subscribe to the blogs RSS feed and mention you have subscribed in the comments section to qualify to receive a free item on New Years 2017. Believe that i will remember each and every one of you for being loyal NomaNotes fans since the beginning of it all and will work hard to produce great content and look for ways of rewarding you for your support. Because, lets be honest, this blog is going places.

Here it is is, the pledge: 

As a matter of fact, to prove to you how special and loyal i think you all are, I want to make a pledge. The first 100 NomaNotes fans who subscribe to NomaNotes RSS feed and comment below (from now until the end of 2016) will automatically be entered in my “NomaNotes First 100 Club.” What does that mean? You will find out with a free gift to start your new year at precisely 12:00 a.m. on January 1st, 2017!

What do I get? 

Lets just say i’ll be quite generous, a little less generous than Oprah, but still generous. In addition, I’m dedicated to providing my NomaNotes First 100 Club members with special exclusive content, and provide them with free item(s) to help them get their New Year started in the right direction.

Thank you for your loyalty and for being apart of the experience in sharing a chuckle with me.


 What you can expect in future posts?

Funny notes, memes, responses to funny notes, photos of Sonoma County scenery, contests, humorous commentaries, articles and funny stories of real-life encounters or experiences I’ve had.  However, the majority of our posts will simply be funny notes in their respective areas which i call “NomaNotes.”

Why did i start this blog?

Initially, creating this blog was part of an assignment for my social media class. However, I’ve decided to stay committed.

The main purpose of this blog is to make people smile, laugh, and distract them from whatever stress they are going through in life with a funny note. Also to peak your curiosity of finding and snapping these notes (for the limited time they are posted) throughout Sonoma County. You’ll notice there a few hots spots that tend to be popular sites for these notes. I hope to get the people of ‘Noma County to feel a sense of community when they see these notes stick on to be part of its identity and pride.

Feel free to submit any ideas for funny yet appropriate and uplifting notes, and where you’d suggest I temporarily post them. NotesNoma submissions can be made using the contact form.

Our first note will be posted next Tuesday, October 10th! Mark your calendars, or just subscribe to the RSS and never miss a post. 


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