First Note Posted! 


The note was posted during an evening class, and hangs right above the main water fountain on three-floor building. Most students who will saw the sign are most likely taking a three-hour class with a short 5-10 minute break or two.

One lady in a white shirt stopped by and instantly saw the sign. You could tell she just wanted to drink some water, but looked as if she was debating with herself whether or not to read the sign. Eventually she did. She looked perplexed as if she never seen a flyer or sign before. I’m sure she was thinking, “Why would anyone…you know whatever. It’s late, lets just see what this is about?” She leaned in with her mouth half-open – almost grinning, but also giving the sign the type of look a wife gives her husband when he asks her “What’s wrong?”

Anyway, she took too long to read, so i left.


The note was up about an hour between 8 – 9 p.m. on Monday, evening

If you recognize where this is posted in ‘Noma, then stay posted, and keep those eyes peeled. Because there will be another note and another chance for you to respond and have your comment featured on NotesNoma!

At Last, the Note!

Long day huh? (sigh).

Oh, by all means, have a drink.

You know evening classes will do that to you. Gotta ration that brain power and stay nourished.

Here’s an energy-saving tip: pretty sure the harder you press on both buttons of the fountain, the stronger the pressure will be. You’re welcome.

Go get’em tiger.


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