[VIDEO] Funny Car Reviews: Toyota Yaris

Check out our first episode of “Funny Car Reviews,” sponsored by NotesNoma here 


What we like about the Yaris:

  • Being able to park in small spaces
  • Being the least likely nominated to drive or pickup friends and family  🙂
  • Gas-saver
  • Gas-saver
  • Gas-saver
  • Great miles per gallon
  • reliable
  • cheap tires
  • cheap oil changes
  • quick car wash
  • makes other car-owners question the amount they spend on their car, leading them to feel as if they need to give you insults

What we don’t like about Yaris:

  • Safety
  • Cabin space and noise
  • interior
  • exterior
  • recalled airbags and unstable locked seats at high speeds
  • Radio
  • only two doors for our hatchback which requires a lot of manual labor to fold up the seat and let additional passengers in the back.
  • the haters.
  • not ideal for a serious date
  • not ideal for long-distance traveling (you will feel as if the car is being lifted by the wind when you travel highway speeds and suddenly hit a sudden dip in the road).
  • weak engine with 45 slices of horse meat for power.


  • Reliability: 10/10 (nearly 100,000 miles and still running strong with no issues).
  • MPG: 1000/10 
  • Technology: -4/5
  • Safety: On a scale between being scared of a spider and riding a roller coaster with no seatbelt, the Yaris falls more towards the latter. You will have the same amount of trust you have that your sibling will catch you if you fall backwards blindfolded.
  • Literally everything else: Not good.

NotesNoma Reccomendation:

If your broke and want to save money, if the gas-filling experience is a sacred and enjoyable time of reflection and rejoicing, than buy this used car.

Happy travels!

~NotesNoma Editor (in collaboration with the FresherThanUrkel youtube channel).


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