Note#4~The Car Note

Have you ever came back to your car, only to find a note placed on the dashboard? The instant fear of a parking citation, an angry letter about how you suck at parking, or even worse a hit-and-run of your parked vehicle are all thoughts most people think of when seeing an unexpected note on their car.

Let’s have some fun.


Tonight’s note was placed on a gray Toyota Highlander parked outside of a popular office store located on an avenue in which the city is named after. Can you guess which popular office store parking lot i’m referring to in “‘Noma”? Comment below!

Note to self: never roam around this parking lot eve again, even if trying to burn some calories after consuming a deliciously fattening chicken-bake from Costco. You may somehow find yourself in what looks to be the set of Fast & Furious 9 and end-up losing the pink-slip to your car or you may find yourself lured by Black Friday deals inside Marshall’s. You should really be able to guess which office store parking lot i’m talking about now.


“Sorry for the Damage.

I’m broke.”


A guy came up to his car with two items from the office store, placed the items on the passenger seat, and started his car. He then noticed the note. He got out of the car with it still running and furiously pulled out the note from the windshield wiper. He read the note. Looking both to his left and his right, without even assessing his car, he quickly surveyed the parking lot looking for the owner of this note.

To be clear, there was absolutely nothing wrong with his car!

If after reading this note, you completely disregard the very subject of which the note is referring to and simply go on a hunt for the messenger. Then, you sir, are something else.

So, what ended up happening?

Don’t know. I left.


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