Note#6~Roasting Friends

We’re back to continuing our series of funny notes in weird places.

How deep are your friendships? What signs can you look out for? Chances are you’ve reached a deeper level in your friendship if you do any of the following:

  • you and your friends “roast” each other
  • give each other a hard time
  • exaggerate each others flaws
  • team up to make fun of another friend behind their back (but eventually to their face),
  • you’ve created a new way of speaking to each other filled with inside jokes that only you all can understand
  • sarcasm (a lot of it, mostly obnoxious).

Or maybe your always the victim.

A Note About the Note:

Today’s post is a bit different than usual. Rather than focus on just one note, i’ll be focusing on several short notes!

Also, the subjects of these notes below are good friends of mine who have mocked me and have given me hard time for a while. Please don’t give them any sympathy and just enjoy the risks I’ve had to take to entertain you. Let’s just say once  a roast is kindled, it will get “lit” as they say.

I can already sense the amount of preparation they are all doing to destroy every ounce of respect and admiration you my blog readers have for me.


Normally, I’m usually the one who gets “roasted” by my group of friends at least three times per hangout. I’ll get roasted for everything i say and do. I even get a hard time  for simply saying “thank you” to my friends, who in turn sarcastically respond with a “yeah you better say thank you.”  At least, I hope their being sarcastic. I’m being sarcastic.

(Steps away from computer to look up the definition of sarcasm. Pats myself on the back). 

Anyway, today is the day the tables  have returned. 

Today, I’ve dedicated two personalized sticky notes to each one of my closest (or close enough) friends with an individual message roasting them. Some of these inside jokes may or may not fly across your head, but i hope they brighten your day nonetheless.


  • Target 1: Drizzy
    • Background:
      • Music major aka “basketweaver” as he likes to call all other non-STEM majors (except himself).
      • old soul
      • blunt personality
      • heavily sarcastic
      • always asks how my mom is doing for no reason.
      • Loves making things awkward
    • Note:
      • Posted on my friend’s Honda Accord on the driver-side door handle.
      • “Beethoven sucks….Tell your mom, I said hi.”
  • Target 2: Valentino
    • Background:
      • Clever in the art of slipping in insults in regular conversation without breaking character.
      • Human calculator
      • unemployed
      • lives with parents
      • favorite word is “noob” (short for newbie)
      • Established a set of dialogue conventions and terms filled with insider jokes, and is embarrassing if overhead in public.
    • Note was posted inside his MacBook
      • “Whats up Shark Tank, your still unemployed? This computer is pretty greasy, don’t you know your keyboards can get a sickness called “sticky keys.” Noob. Lay off the egg rolls a bit, here’s a gift card to juice shack chubby.” There was $0.01 on the gift card.

That’s it.



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