Note#7 -007

This note has no official subtitle, because, come on, it just a note. A note like any other. Insignificant. Funny. Local. It makes a statement within title itself- a rather fashionable one if you ask me (hint, don’t ask me).

Note #7 is simply Note #7. A note fitting for Mr. Bond (agent 007) himself. Cheers.

It is a note filled with mystery and suspense, build-up and quirkiness – except it isn’t.


On the contrary, mi notas and notos, today’s note may very well be different than any other note we’ve ever done before . It is not placed in a Sonoma County attraction. But, is it still in a weird place you may ask? Yes. But, it has no central topic or theme. Therefore, reading this context section may serve as utterly useless.Or doesn’t it? Perhaps I would’ve been better off by simply stating the following:

I put this note on my fridge.

In reality, this is precisely what I did. However, this note is still unique!

Today’s note is finally in line with the 21st century.

Today’s note marks a turning point in the NotesNoma blog and the note-making community.

Today’s note features state of the art magnets that stick to any metal surface  or face like the Terminator’s.

Simply put, today’s note is written on a digital pad that can be written on and erased with the ease of a singular button – over and over again.

Alas, a la nota (to the note).



Now that I have it … carry on. ”



Not noticing me on my computer in the living room, my father woke up in the middle of the night to grab a cup of milk. As he put his hand on the fridge door handle, he blinks several times to focus his eyes on the note. He slowly opens one door handle and grabs the milk carton. He looks to his left, and see’s me. I’m smiling 🙂 He then gives a quick three-second assessment of the situation, and quickly decides to put the milk back, slams the fridge, grunts, and goes back to sleep. . . He never came back for his milk.

My mom was one of the first people to wake up this morning. While walking drowsily, she grabs a bowl, opens the pantry where we keep our generic cereal boxes, walks slowly to the fridge and stops. She squints at the 72 point font in front of her that reads “ATTENTION…” Within a few seconds, she patiently yet forcefully leans all her body weight to quickly click the button on the tablet and erases all my work. She then proceeds with her routine mom script by asking, “Are you hungry?

Further dialogue with mi madre:

“What if the note said, the milk was expired?” I asked.

“What note,” she responded.

“The note you just erased!” .

“Oh. What did it say?”

“That’s my point.”

“Oh whoops… ”

(Looks a the note, then stares at me)

So you want to eat or not?”



Drop comments below on note ideas you want me to do next, or I’ll shut down this blog forever. Thanks!



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