About NotesNoma

Welcome to Notes-Noma: Funny Notes in Weird Places. This blog is based on centered notes that I creatively (yet wittingly) write and post all throughout Sonoma County (aka “Noma”)  in the bay area. These funny notes are usually often posted in unexpected or awkward settings. If you are a Noma-local or avid tourist, see if you can recognize where these notes are and leave a response while its still up. Your response/reaction might be featured on our blog!

Noma notes  can be in a form of a question, meme, comment, and much more. I like to leave a comment or responses section below my notes so that i can share the funny reactions I received (after a given time period) as well.

The purpose of this blog is to make people smile, laugh, and distract them from whatever stress they are going through in life with a funny note. All right here in beautiful in ‘Noma County #Calli 🙂

Feel free to submit any ideas for funny yet appropriate notes and where I should post. Noma-Notes submission form coming soon!


Meet NotesNoma’s Editor 

Wouldn’t you like to know. I’ll spare you the mystery. I’m Seni. i’m a guy by the way. I don’t mind you totally mispronouncing my name or forgetting my name, just please don’t guess my gender just by looking at my name, unless if it leads to free stuff. In which case,  by all by means  continue the good fight of resurrecting chivalry my Prince.

Now that my blog’s benefits package out of the way, back to me. I’m just a fantastic, smart, young California student whose trying to finding his path while sharing the funny he finds along the way. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, but I believe a smile on your face and the joy you feel from a chuckle here and there will give you motivation for you to keep going once you reach step 50.

I’m pretty philosophical. Shout out to all my #INTJs out there, if you ever took the Myers-Briggs test. We all have high expectations of ourselves, at least I hope we do. But, every once in a while, we need to stop and smell the farts and taste our own tears from our own pure laughter.For me,  no matter what i’m going through  in my path of “making it” in life, I always find something to smile and laugh about and that’s pretty much all you need to know about me. Remember, if we weren’t laughing,  we’d be crying. Lets spread the laughter.


One more Shoutout #ThisOneisSpecial

Shout out to my social media instructor Donald for giving our class an assignment that would lead to the creation of this blog. Who knew something good would come out of an assignment, besides life-long learning and personal enrichment? Thanks to him, I discovered a higher purpose in life, and an opportunity to serve my fellow pathfinder with a resting point of joy and laughter to keep him/her going in their journey. Without him, i probably would have never made the time nor the commitment to do such a thing, because lets be honest who got time for that? I soon realized that setting time aside to make people happy is always time well-spent for both the receiver and the giver. Therfore, thank you dear reader for what you do for me as well. Shout out to you!





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